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Allow you to load a GameGuru level into AGK 2.

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GameGuru Loader is now on steam, please continue the order process here:

Allow you to load a GameGuru level into AGK 2.

Why to allow you to use GameGuru to make 3D games for Mobiles (Ipad,Iphone,Android) / Mac / Linux / Win / HTML5. GameGuru can be used as a 3D world editor , terrain , object placement …

There is absolutely no guaranty  that your able to get your level to display on mobiles , as most mobiles has VERY little memory , but some smaller levels might be able to work if you really reduce texture sizes and use the very lowest settings within GG Loader.

This is sold “as is” with no guaranties, you get the source code and are able to modify it as you wish, you will need some experience in AGK Tier 1 to get this working. The source code is ONLY for tier 1.

Currently 5 Feb 2018 its working in the latest version of GameGuru and older versions, but the GameGuru data files might change in the future , and GG Loader might not work, if this happen you will have to modify the source code so it work with the latest GameGuru version , or downgrade GameGuru to an older version. I will also try to make upgrades to the GG Loader code , if the GameGuru data formats change in the future ( if this is possible). You will get these upgrades on this site when you login to your account you will be able to download the latest version.

Read more about it here:

Copy of GameGuru.
Copy of AGK 2.
Experience using AGK 2 Tier 1
Around 10 gb. free disk space so your able to convert the GameGuru textures to .png format. ( a doc is included in the download , that describe this procedure. )

Please download and read the documentation before you purchase , if your not able to follow it you will not be able to use GG Loader 4 AGK: doc-ggloader



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