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GameGuru Loader now on Steam.


Steam page:

User Guide: GameGuru Loader User Guide.pdf

6 thoughts on “GameGuru Loader now on Steam.

  1. do i get a steam key for buy thought daily3d

    1. No steam key is included in your account, just order directly from steam 🙂

  2. i was early adopter of the software so I have to by it again

    1. No your able to download the steam version from here 🙂 , just login and download.

  3. Maybe I’m too dense understand this. I bought AGK from TGC and have been updating from by TGC account. So how do I get GG loader from steam without having the steam version.


    1. You dont need to get GameGuru Loader from Steam, you can download the same version from here or from your TGC account.

      If you ordered GameGuru Loader here, you can download the latest version from here.
      If you ordered from TGC directly you can download from your TGC account.
      If you ordered from Steam, you find your version in AGK menu -> “DLC”.

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